Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Blizzard in a Rollercoaster!

This week, after a couple of weeks off, the student poets at Trumbull dove headlong back into poetry with a look at traditional Odes. Odes are poems that elevate the subject to a high place of honor. They writer speaks directly to the subject of the poem, describing and comparing it in as many amazing ways as possible. The students at Trumbull did a great job getting back into the swing of writing with this fun form. Enjoy their efforts!

3rd Grade

Oh Sun

by Celene H.

Oh sun, do you squirt light on the people?
Oh sun, you are a king.
Oh sun, do you rule the world?
Oh sun, do you have a kiss?
Oh sun, do you have a bunch of lemons inside you?

Ode to Windy
by Daniel Y.

Windy blows people because
people go outside. Windy
moves people back to work.
No people go outside. No
more people go outside because
scared of Windy.

The Tornado
by Almir N.

Tornado is like a bunch of wind.
A tornado smells like dust.
Tornado, you are like a wind
monster throwing cars.
Tornado, you are destroying
anything you see.
Tornado, you are spinning
around so fast.
You remind me of a
game called Crash because
you spin around.

O Ocean
by Andrea F.

O beautiful ocean
you are my hero in the
hot summer day in July.
You know what they say,
you are the body that is
filled with sea creatures that
we love to see.

You are a mountain
with rocks falling
off like waves.

You are the on
who saves us
from painful thirst.
But at first, you were
just for drinking
but now we are clean
because with your
water we take baths.

The Snow Day
by David G.

Oh beautiful snow, you are
as soft as a blanket and
your cold is as big as an ice cube.
You are everywhere on top
of the roof and close to my
door. You also are in my snowsuit.
You travel in the air and you
are so dangerous. The sun is
about to come out. The
snow melts and we will say
bye-bye to you snow.

2nd Grade

The Blizzard in a Rollercoaster!

by Faith H.

O tornado, you make
people throw up by spinning
around and around. You
keep spinning and I
can’t stop you. You
keep on spinning and my
eyes pop out. You look
like a huge flower.

The Green Poem

by Giovanni F.

O beautiful green,
you are the color of the grass.
You are a sweater.
Green, you taste like blueberries
and smell like cherries.
You are leaves on a tree
or a turtle in the water.

by Roberto D.

O red, you are
like a shark.
You taste like
whipped cream and are
dark like a crayon.
You are sweet
like a strawberry.
You are like a house
or like a letter.

The Shiny Yellow
by Rosalyn P.

O yellow, there’s a sun in the sky
and there is a whale jumping in the
water. Your shiny yellow is shining.

4th Grade

Ode to a Diamond

by Jennifer B.

O beautiful diamond,
I love how shiny you
are. When I look at
you, I can see my
reflection and a lot
of my faces in the
squares or triangles
you have. I love when
you turn, you look like
a turning disco ball.
I love how you are
triangles, and you are
so pointy like a needle
or a knife. You are my
dream of shinyness.

Ode to Lemon
by Alexis C.

O beautiful lemon
you look like
a ball. You are tasty
and juicy. You look
like a sun, round
as a hole. You float
on water, we play catch
with you. You are round
as my eyeball.

Ode to Snow
by Allan F.

Snow, you are
beautiful. You are
more awesome than
white pearls.

You are better
than diamonds.

Ode to a Strawberry

by Tanayra B.

You, strawberry, are so
sweet. So juicy. Sister
to a lady bug. Dipped in
red syrup. Splashed with little
dark chocolates. Star of all
food. Your strawberry inside is
a pool of goodness. Strawberry
you are so much better than
an apple. You feel so funny
in my hand, in my mouth.
You are wonderful. You
have a pretty leaf on top
to complete your perfection.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

True Confessions!

Happy New Year!

To start off the 2008 and get us back into poetry, this week we looked at This is Just to Say by William Carlos Williams. This poem uses short lines and specific language to beautiful effect to create a bouncy rhythm when the poem is read out loud. We talked about what poems are built of (lines and stanzas), and what a short line will do to the rhythm of a poem. Modeled after Mr. Williams's poem, the students were asked to write their own true confession, and include an apology. I asked them to decide if they really meant their apologies, or if sometimes, do something bad actually feels pretty good. Enjoy their great poems!

3rd Grade

Time to Wrestle
by Aztlan G.

I fought my
cousin and his
brother and
I won I did
the Walls of
Jericho to my
cousin’s brother
and I did the
Angel Rock then
his grandma came
in them my cousin
tapped out and I did
the spear to both
of them. Their mom
came in and she
got mad.

Just to Say
by Prue M.

I’m so
that I stayed
up really
late for
watching TV
and playing too
much Nintendo Wii.

I tried to stop
but I couldn’t.

I was trying to
beat my level in
Atlantis Squarepantis.

I know I was supposed
to read but the game
you got me was cool.

Again, so SORRY!

by David F.

I told a
friend I
love her.
3 days
later I
I shouldn’t
say that
and we’re
friends again.

2nd Grade

The Erased Megaman Game
by Giovanni F.

I erased my brother’s
Megaman game. When
he found out, he was
so mad, he erased
my Megaman game.
I said I’m sorry,
and we started
to play over again.

Sorry Poem
by Nelvin P.

I broke my brother’s video game
called Sonic Heroes. It was
in my Game Cube to hide it
from him. He just looked
and found it. Forgive me
brother, I will fix it up.

List of Confessions
by Erica N.

Locking out Daniela and
playing on the gameboy that night,
but I’m sorry for doing that.
Please forgive me.

Not cleaning the room
when it was my turn but
I’m sorry, please forgive me.

I broke the plate and
I’m sorry, please forgive me.

I scratched my sister’s DVD
but I’m sorry, please forgive me,
I’ll buy you a new one.

4th Grade

The Outdoors
by Wenny L.

Me and my
cousin were
playing in
my house
my mom said
we should not
go outside
but we did
anyway and my
mom saw us
and we got
in so much
trouble and
we said sorry
but it was
fun when we
played jump rope

Trouble in Wrestling
by Brandon R.

I have wrestled
with my
cousins even when
I wasn’t
supposed to.

I made both
of them
cry then they
told on me
and I

have gotten into
a lot
of trouble.

by Jellisa A.

One time when
my brother
was taking
a shower
I opened the door
and I put a lot
of toilet paper
in the toilet
and I blamed him
but when I
saw my mom
screaming at him
I felt sad
then I told
my mom that
I did it
and I told
my brother
I am sorry