Friday, February 29, 2008

Music to my Ears

This week, the students listened to several selections of music, and wrote short, impressionistic poems about what they imagined while listening. Enjoy!

4th Grade

The Sneaky Death
after Witches Brew, Miles Davis
by Zachary T.

Someone tip-toeing
through a house
being sneaky.
Someone hiding.
He gets poisoned,
and coughs to death!

The Sad Man
after The Wings, Gustavo Santaollala
by Nicole B.

There is a sad man sitting on the porch.
His wife died. He has no more family
but just a dog. He and his dog sit in
a whimpering motion. The man
really loved his girl.

The Great Person
after Rodeo, Aaron Copeland
by Omar F.

They are marching in a park.
He is playing with
his toes. He is
climbing up a building,
playing the instruments.
The King is coming
so make room!

2nd Grade

A Haunted House
after Witches Brew, Miles Davis
by Nicole B.

In a haunted house were ghosts
live. The ghosts play…music…
I’m frightened! But one does not look
like a ghost but it is a woman laughing
frightfully. Ha HA! Upstairs! It yells
like a girl. She said, My name is Witch!
It blows – it wasn’t a ghost. It was
my good friend Amy.

The Big Story
after Witches Brew, Miles Davis
by Eric C.

People practicing in a
parking lot that has
no cars in it and with
a monkey yelling in the
parking lot and someone
is going to kill that monkey.

The Half Sad, Half Happy Day

after Sejedo, Angelique Kidjo
by Areli H.

Someone got shot.
Somebody is dead.
Rain is falling down. The sun
comes out. Everybody is happy.
The person that was dead came
alive. They get him out of his coffin.
Everybody starts eating McDonald’s.

3rd Grade

The Bahamas
after Sejedo, Angelique Kidjo
by Colleen Q.

Blue seas
blue, the

Dancing happening

A glass of
lemon drink
in your
hand, doing
the hula

after Witches Brew, Miles Davis
by Prue M.

A person, surrounded by darkness.
A band playing horribly.
A person getting mad to
another, music that brings
people down, a spy who’s going crazy.

after Witches Brew, Miles Davis
by Andrea F.

Mexican and American
dancing very fancy.
A Mexican playing the
trumpet very old school.
Adult old school women
thinking he’s cool.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Big World Voice

This week, we looked at Sweet Like a Crow by Michael Ondaatje. We talked about Simile and Imagery, and how the two ideas are connected. The student poets then created their own simile poems, trying to describe how their OWN voices sound. Some students wrote about other voices in their lives. The poems are quite stunning -- enjoy!

4th Grade

Sour Like Johnny
by Henry L.

He sounds like a girl
yelling at the night sky.
He sounds like a man cooked
over a fire.
He sounds like a boy with
lemon juice in his mouth.
Like a horse calling for help
in the river of despair.
Like when I yell when I
get a bad grade on any subject.
Like a fish flopping up and down.
Like a diver getting eaten
by a shark.
Like a baby crying eternally.
Like someone going into
a house, yelling at his wife
because he had a bad day.
But he is as sweet as my cousin.

by Elizabeth C.

Your voice sounds like a blue jay singing in the morning sky. When you are sad, your voice sounds like a horse having a baby. You are as loud as a rooster singing his morning tune. Like a car stuck in the ice. A delicious burrito being fried. Like a hyena laughing nonstop. Like a new baby duckling swimming and screaming because of hot tea. Like the sound of a cute sleeping baby.

A Big World Key Voice

by Ataib S.

My dad’s voice sounds like it can break a whole kingdom. His voice is old school because he always talks about old cars and old things. He has bravery, confidence, loyalty. His voice is hard as a bamboo stick and a bull taking down a person. His voice is fast as a cheetah, an eagle, and a horse. His voice is an expert on talk shows, news, and winning. His voice doesn’t give up when it’s not over. His voice gets soft when he is not arguing. His voice solves big problems, like a big world key voice.

2nd Grade

Like Rain
by Maritza S.

My voice sounds like rain that falls down a tree, like tears are wet and then dry, like the leaves are moving. Like the air. It is dry like the sun, but wet like the rain drops.

Like a Lion
by Nicolas L.

My voice sounds like
a lion snapping its teeth.
It sounds like a child
yelling HELP!
It sounds like leaves
shaking from the wind.
Like a lion scratching
at the wall.

Like a Guitar

by Nelvin P.

My voice sounds like
a guitar singing a nice song, like a
puppy barking for help, like a nut
cracking on me, like a car racing,
like a rabbit eating a carrot,
like a tree blowing the branches away.

3rd Grade

Soft Like a Feather
by Amanda P.

My voice sounds like
a dolphin swimming in the Atlantic Ocean.
Like a hot summer day in Florida.
Like wind brushing dirt on a sidewalk.
Like water running down a park fountain.
Like only one leave in the wavy air.
Like a lock opening in a big hollow door.
Like a little piece of chalk writing on a chalkboard.
Like the moon sleeping at night
or like the sun waving hello.

My Voice Sounds Like…

by Isaac A.

My voice sounds like a piano singing,
like a bird always chirping,
like an ocean waving,
like a dog scaring people,
like a star shining,
like a gate squeaking,
a bear roaring to a lion,
a tiger scratching wood.

My Voice
by Alesandra P.

My voice
sounds like
the wind
in the air.
All animals
talking in
the rain forest.
Screaming and
singing a song.
As quiet
as the park
when no one
is there.
Happy as a
at the circus.
As loud as
the door
slamming shut
at night.

My Voice

by Khalid W.

My voice sounds like a chicken doing karate on the street. My voice sounds like an apple standing on the table. My voice sounds like a coin spinning. My voice sounds like a swing going back and forth. My voice sounds like a drum banging on the wall. Like an alligator hunting for fish. My voice sounds like a tornado. Like a person hang gliding. My voice sounds like a policeman giving someone a ticket. A baker making a cake. Like a teacher giving homework.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Emotion Party!

Last week, we worked on Personification. We read two poems that personified different emotions, Fear and Shame. After a group poem to get them started, the student poets were asked to choose their own emotion to personify. The results are astounding. Enjoy!

2nd Grade

The Bully
by Faith H.

Mad is so not nice. She’s a bully who gives wedgies to people. Her favorite color is black and she has a family and friends. She loves rock and roll so much. She is not nice and will never BE nice!

by Nicole B.

Happy is a 6 year old girl. Happy is always happy. She likes to wear a rainbow dress. She is skinny. Happy likes to jump, run a lot, and dance. Happy’s brother is Joy. Her mom is Nice and her dad is Excited. Happy’s future is to make everyone happy.

by Cedric E.

Crabby follows you.
He is always angry.
He drinks blood.

4th Grade

by Michael Z.

Sad is like a little boy crying with blue eyes with a lot of tears when you lose someone you love in your family. Sad goes in your school, dreams, jobs, in your body. It’s invisible, following you in day and night. He is brother of Joy and Happy, and his favorite color is blue, the saddest color of them all.

by Jessica S.

Anger is a little boy with
a red face. Anger is mean
and very grumpy as if
he is very, very mad.
Anger is a ghost who
wanders around at night.
He has a white see-
through body like a
white blanket. Anger
has black hair and
hates the sun.
Anger is a very scary
boy. Anger’s brother’s name
is Mad. Anger and Mad’s
favorite color is black.
Anger lives in New York.
Anger will haunt you
like this black shadow.

Confused Man
by Ismael P.

C is a man that is crazy.
O is the man saying “OH!”
N is for Confused saying “I’m rude”.
F is for a kid saying Confused is freaky.
U is for Confused riding a unicycle.
S is Confused doing something wrong.
E is his ear falling off.
D is the silly things he says in his mind.

3rd Grade


by Emely M.

Lonsome is a girl. She has some black, thin hair with two red streaks. Lonesome has white skin and she wears a black dress. She talks to her imaginary friend in her room in the corner. Lonesome has no real friends. And that girl is me.

by Brandon R.

Joy is a man who
makes everyone joyful. He is
in the family of Happy.

His eyes are gray. He
likes to explore
many places. He rides
vehicles. He has tons of friends.

He likes to go
to the rainforest.
He likes to discover
animals and plants.
He is the joyful man
in the world.

by Khalid W.

Happy is a boy that loves animals. He loves to ride on airplanes. He is 7 years old. He loves to go to the park and play with his friends. His favorite animal is a bird. He loves to go hiking. His birthday is on May first. He loves to play games, and he loves to see his dad.