Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dreaming without Buying

This week, in my last visit with the Trumbull students before the new year, we read In Praise of Dreams by Wislawa Szymborska, a famous Polish poet. In the poem, she writes about all of the things that she can do and see in her dreams that she can't in her waking life. The poem is written in couplets , so we also learned what that word means, and how to create them in their own poems. The students wrote their own Dreams poems, with the rule included that they could not BUY anything in their written dreams. Enjoy the results!

4th Grade
I Am Dreaming

by Ismael P.

In my dreams
I’m a wrestler, fighting in the WWE.

I go to Antarctica
and I control all of the snow in the world.

I am a sky scraper
touching the sky.

I am a dog
running away from another dog.

I am a cat
running because someone wants my fur.

I am
the President of the entire world.

by Steven M.

I can eat
a million pieces of candy in one minute.

I beat John Cena
in RAW and Ray Mysterioso.

I am bored when
today is yesterday and yesterday is today.

In My Dreams
by Daniel M.

In my dream
I am a famous soccer player.

I am the President
of the United States.

Some aliens
take me to their ship.

I can control
fire, wind, water, and land.

I am a superhero
controlling everything up in space.

2nd Grade

by Roberto D.

I am a spider
eating a cookie.

I am a rock star
playing with a guitar.

I am a football
flying up to the moon.

I am Santa
at the North Pole.

I am a pencil
writing in a book.

I am a car driving
on the road.

I am a dog
seeing a bone.

In My Dreams
by Felix A.

I can eat a cookie
without using my mouth.

I can open a box
without using my hands

I can make the rain stop
when I clap.

I can pet
an alligator.

The Amazing Dreams
by Nathan P.

I can eat
through metal bars.

I can jump
to the sun that is blue.

I can change animals
different colors with my finger.

I can make the sky
fall to the ground.

3rd Grade

by Santiago D.

I am a toy that
takes electricity.

I am trucks formed
as Super Saiyn.

I am glue and a
rock with paper.

I am a bear
being eaten.

I have 300 shirts
that say D-Generation-X.

I am a clock

Dreaming in Your Sleep
by Edwin T.

I am dreaming
about a football player making an interception.

I am dreaming
a rhino fighting a pig.

I am dreaming about getting mad
and going to Mr. Perkins, and Mr. Perkins
telling us to get along and we did.

My Dreams
by Amanda P.

In my dreams I
have a house made out of money.

I speak with lions
in a jungle.

I see a beautiful
waterfall and a rainbow.

I see a wonderful, colorful
garden house.

I fly on a cloud
over the seventh heavens.

I run with horses
of all different colors and sizes.

I swim with dolphins
in the Pacific Ocean.

Going Inside

In the first week of December, the student Poets at Trumbull read Stone by Charles Simic. The poem describes what a stone goes through in its life, and what it might be like if one could go inside it. The young writers chose their own objects to go inside. The results were beautiful! Enjoy!

4th Grade


by Lorenzo A.

Go inside a pearl.
Let somebody else
become a diamond
or a ruby. The outside
is smooth, and two huge
things stare at me.
On the inside,
it’s so fun!

Inside the Diamond
by Nicole B.

Go inside a diamond. Let someone else
be the polisher. On the outside, there is
a glass shield to protect the crystal
palace. It rains crystals
of red and pink on the inside.
There is a crystal queen,
and around her, there are
bracelets, necklaces, rings, and lots
more. And the diamond
shines like the moon.

The Disc World
by Ataib S.

Go inside a disc.
Let somebody else become
a scientist or seller.
It is a flat ball
rolling in a DVD player.
A plate of Venus.
Inside it, glaciers, crystals,
and a big lightening storm.

2nd Grade
Inside a Marble

by Nicolas L.

Going inside a marble is a
powerful color. Touch it, something
will happen to you. Run, and the
marble will move. The outside
is a maze with people trying to get
out. Someone shoots it
with colorful words.

Going Inside a Snowflake
by Areli H.

It is small. It is white.
A tiny fairy lives in it.
she has a closet with a lot
of food. It is very cold.
A small bed. A small bathroom.
It is cool there.

3rd Grade
Going Inside a Quarter
by Brandon R.

I am a quarter. Let another person
by dust. I have been spent on soda. Now
a candy bar. On the outside, it is like I’m not
there. What is inside is weird. I don’t have
what humans have inside their bodies. The only thing
I have is just metal. I am worth 25 cents.
I am spent a lot. I am gray. I am
the biggest cent that you can spend.

by Shirley L.

Go inside a grape. Let someone else go in a little stone. From the outside, the grape is a tiny purple bug. On the inside, it is mushy and sweet. The color of the grape is half blue and half yellow. Inside, I can see a big and beautiful palace. I also see a place where I can lie down. I can hear birds chirping, and children playing in the park. Inside, the palace is a ball. I see lots of people dancing. I also see a river. The water is cold. I see a stream. Inside the stream, I see three salmons. The salmons are hunting for food. This grape is very special.

by Charles B.

Go inside a raindrop. Let some
one else be a little gumball.
The outside is smooth hair
waiting to come off. The inside
is little soldiers fighting for
super powers. Suddenly, the raindrop
flies, looking for clouds. Also the
inside is papers filled with love
letters. The outside is poets thinking
extremely hard to get an idea for writing.
Also inside there are 2 humungous polar bears.