Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dream Land

On March 4, the students at Trumbull looked at In Your Wild Dream by Richard Hugo. We talked about dreams in general, their strangeness and how confusing they can be, and how that was reflected in the structure of the poem. We also talked about what using second person is supposed to accomplish. The student poets wrote their own Dream Poems, and they are strange and wonderful. Enjoy!

2nd Grade

In Your Dreams
by Rosalyn P.

You are at a moon. There’s cheese in the moon. then you fly way up in the sky, then you take a nap. You are at the water. You see a dog underwater. Then you jump out of the water. There’s a yacht. There’s a lagoon. You are in a cloudy, cloudy night and you make a wish. You are disappearing, then a wish comes, undisappearing you.

The Mystery Dream
by Nathan P.

You are in a forest. You are an alien, teleporting to a town. Then a lion comes and growls at you. You feed it meat, and it goes away.

Falling Down: Poem
by Nelvin P.

You’re in the city driving a car that’s cool. You’re on top of the Sears Tower, going to fall down. You’re riding your bike when the sidewalk changes to a robot. You go home, and tell your parents the sidewalk turned into a robot. You show them, but it is just a sidewalk again.

3rd Grade

Your Dreams
by Shirley L.

You are going to the mall with your parents, then something suddenly changes. You are looking at the toys in the toy shop, and your mom is right beside you. Now you’re at the woman’s store, you’re trying to look for your mom, you ask everybody, “Have you seen my mom?” You are alone and scared. Then you go look at another store. You find your mom. You just wake up. It was just a dream.

Strange House
by Noemi R.

You are in a strange house with skeletons inside. You ask the skeleton “Can I touch your rabbit?” He says YES. You touch it and it bites you. You call all the kids that are there and talk to them and in one second everything changes and the little house turns into a room, but everything is still the same. One thing changes – you can see a living room. You all go running for the living room where all of your parents are waiting.

Your Dream
by Emily M.

You are a person who lived in a castle where thrones were polished and there were knights in shining armor. You could eat whatever you want, whenever you want. You can do whatever you want. You can go to the movies or you can go to the library or the supermarket.

4th Grade

by Rene V.

You walk outside your house. You see the sun. It’s shining really bright. Your shadow, it’s calm. But all of a sudden your shadow escapes. It runs off. You chase after it. It runs through a statue. You try it too, but you hit yourself. Your shadow turns into a fierce tiger. It tries to pounce on you, then you run the opposite way. All of a sudden, you’re in a forest. Your shadow is a parrot. It flies above you. You’re in a school. Your shadow turns into a human. He grabs an eraser and he tries to erase you. He zaps you. Your hand is left. Your shadow runs off again, and you grab a pencil and you draw yourself. You find some glue. You get your shadow and glue it on to yourself. Your mom asks you where you’ve been. You respond, “Nowhere.”

What a Bad Dream!
by Aven D.

You wake up on an Island that nobody can find. You are just on the island with a mysterious person and you say who are you, and he didn’t answer. You say, what is going on? They guy says you’re alone, nobody will ever find you. You stare at him with fright. You look around the island for food, and the guy keeps popping up and saying, you will never find food, and disappearing. Then you just walk away and keep looking. He gets mad because you won’t listen. You are making a sign that says SOS, but the man pops up again and says Nobody will hear you or see you. You will stay here until you die. You say, you’re lying! and he disappears. The next day, you were looking at the view, and suddenly, he pushes you into the water and you touch the sand and open your eyes and say goodbye. But somebody comes to save you! You wake with fright, but when you go back to sleep, you say it’s ok. Somebody saved me.

Animals in the Zoo
by Shaylene A.

You are in a crazy zoo. There is a crazy monkey. A little girl took the crazy monkey outside the cage. The monkey opens all the other cages of the animals. All the animals are chasing the people. The monkey wants to dance, so he gathers all kinds of animals to celebrate. They make Hawaiian skirts and start dancing. The tigers grabbed their whiskers and make music like they are guitars. You are laughing so hard, your face is red.