Friday, November 9, 2007

Delight Songs

This week, we read a poem called The Delight Song of Tsoai-Talee by N. Scott Momaday. We talked about describing the self using metaphor, and trying to give our reader a good picture of who we are without coming out and telling them. We also talked about what it means to "stand in good relation" to something or someone, and the student poets were asked to end their poems with at least two things in the world they stand in good relation to. The poems turned out beautifully. Enjoy!

2nd Grade
What I Am
by Nicole B.

I am the fish who glitters around the deep blue sea.
I am a flower that is beautiful as a butterfly’s wings.
I am a rabbit that jumps in the stars and the moon.
I am a cake that is very, very yummy in a birthday party.
I am a dancer like the trees who are blown by the wind.
I stand in good relation to God.
I stand in good relation to my family.

The Sun
by Richard R.

I am a penny that is rolling down the street.
I am a ball that is gold in the sky.
I am a wheel that is in the sky.
I am a feather in the sky.
I am a fish that is rolling in the water.

My Good Poem
by Jalyssa M.

I am a cloud that is trying not to block the sun.
I am a big birthday cake, and children blow my candles out.
I am a flower that smells good.
I am a tree giving the ear air.
I am a big pumpkin. I have a big pumpkin stem
and children can buy me from the store.
I stand in good relation to my best friend, God.
I stand in good relation to my family.

4th Grade
I Am Everything
by Jellisa A.

I am a fish in the deep blue sea.
I am a cheetah running like the wind.
I am a chair. People sit on me.
I am a monster scaring little kids.
I am a desk. People write on me.
I am a banana. I am yellow. People love eating me.
I am a book with cool pictures.
I am a computer. People make me have viruses.
I am a red crayon coloring a big heart.
I am a dog in the forest.
I stand in good relation to my family and friends.
I stand in good relation to animals: dogs, cats, fish, and snakes.

I Am
by Elizabeth C.

I am a lonely licorice in a jar, waiting for people to eat me.
I am a duckling ready to hatch.
I am the sun that shines on everyone.
I am an eagle soaring in the sky.
I am the water that runs into bathtubs.
I am a polar bear standing in the blanche, sparkling snow.
I am the paw of a dog that he uses to walk.
I am a book with lots of wonderful things inside me.
I am an eagle that is laying eggs.
I am a lion that loves to eat meat.
I stand in good relation to a beautiful red rose in a garden of weeds.
I stand in good relation to our God that is always watching us from the sky.

I Am Everything
by Shaylene A.

I am a famous singer.
I am a grown tree with different colored leaves.
I am a cheetah with different colored polka dots.
I am a pencil writing in a notebook my name 100 times.
I am a big dictionary with lots of information. That’s why I’m smart.
I am a golden fish dancing.
I am a window watching everything in the sky pass.
I am a stop sign because I want everybody to listen to me.
I am a squirrel eating lots of nuts.
I am a big, bright star that lights the night.
I stand in good relation to a watermelon, because I wear pink and red sweaters.
I stand in good relation to my computer, because I am smart.

3rd Grade
The Words Imagination
by Giovanni L.

I am a monkey and a tree branch.
I am a weather people do not like, like when it rains.
I am a season people like to play in, like when it snows.
I am a brown kid walking on a floor.

What I Am
by Samantha D.

I am a puppy searching for a friend.
I am a bat that is ice.
I am the water in my swimming pool with people inside me.
I am a bride playing with bugs.
I am a sharpener sharpening a pencil.
I am ice melting into water.
I am paper with beautiful colors.
I am crayons being used.
I am a book being read.

I Am
by Brandon B.

I am a palm tree in the sky.
I am a cat looking for blue fish in the water.
I am a lion roaring in the forest.
I am a very friendly fish.
I am a crowd saying WOW.
I am a bird going high.
I am a King guarding my crown.
I am a ferocious beast that flies and eats meat.

I Am
by Shirley L.

I am a tiger hunting for food.
I am a dolphin swimming the sea.
I am a teacher teaching a class.
I am a mermaid swimming underwater with a goldfish.
I am a monkey eating a banana.
I am a girl writing a poem.
I am an eagle flying in the sky.
I am a lion sleeping on a rock.
I am a goose flying a winter sky.
I am a dog digging for something.
I am a detective solving a mystery.

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