Friday, November 30, 2007

Questioning the Secret Nature of the World

This week, my students dove off the deep end of making sense! We looked at a small portion of Pablo Neruda's Book of Questions, and talked about what secrets of the world he was trying to reveal. I encouraged the student writers to ask a question that was both descriptive AND revealed something about their subject that only they knew (thus, essentially, making stuff up!). This was a tough poem to write, and my amazing young poets rose to the challenge admirably!

4th Grade
The Space of Questions

by Henry L.

Tell me, Falcon, where did you get
your wings that sparkle in the sunlight?

Tell me, does a tiger get its
stripes in the upside down castle?

Tell me, does the rooster travel
in time by using the farmer’s pants?

Tell me, does the snake go every night
in the dark to the depths of space?

Tell me, are the spider’s legs made from
the hair on the back of a hairy man?

It’s a Secret
by Aven D.

Does the raccoon have black glasses
to hide its identity?

How can a bird just fly in the sky
and then disappear?

When trees grow apples, do they talk
to humans so they won’t get picked?

Tell me, does a chicken talk to other
chickens so they can defend themselves
from being eaten?

The Pillow
by Martitha A.

Tell me, does a cloud get its looks from a pillow?

Does the snow man get his color
from a white and soft pillow in the sky?

Why does snow turn into water?
Because it is made of ice?

Tell me, are you a piece of cotton candy?

Tell me, did you get dark eyes from
a mean rain cloud?

3rd Grade
4 Questions
by Noemi R.

Why does the shark swim
instead of crawling in the world?
Why does hail turn to solid?
Does it like to hear a clinking
noise when it hits the ground?
Tell me, why is the ficus so skinny
and small? Why can’t it be big and fat?
Why do radios put music on
instead of me singing the songs?

The Weird Questions
by Matthew P.

Does the jaguar have an engine?
Did the bright sun come from heaven?
Did the cactus get arrows shot into it?
Does the Playstation get electrocuted?

Questions About Animals
by Andrea F.

How did the French Poodle get his curly hair?
From the Groomers?
How is the wind created?
From the giant blowing air in the sky?
How is the violet plant created?
From the color violet?
Where does snow come from?
The birds?

2nd Grade
by Areli H.

Rose, did you get your red
from an apple bitten by a worm?
Pony, did you get your brown
from a squirrel running up a tree?
Winter, did you get your cold
from a snowman standing in the snow?

by Jalyssa M.

Did you know lightening can shake you?
How did a panda learn to climb?
Did you know the sunflower got
its yellow from the sun? Tell me,
did the thunder get its sound from
the bowling alley? Tell me, did the
panda get its color from a dog?
Did you know that thunderstorms
started in a war?

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